How To Deposit Your Relationship For Interest ?

“In the first place, those who become leaders are not necessarily the strongest or the greatest, but the ones that have the most friends and connections.” (William F. Allman, author of “The Store Age Present”)

Deposit account is one popular way to invest our money because it offers safety at a very small risk. In spite of its low interest, deposit account is much preferred among other alternative of investment.

As all savings in general, you can only with draw money to the amount you deposited and can’t withdrawn more than what you put in. withdrawal can’t also be made anytime as it has to wait until due time.

What will happen if you try to withdraw money more than you have invested or to take them before its due time? The bank will surely not permit such action and even it incurs you some penalty.

Relationship among people has the same nature as investing your money in a bank. When you do something positive to other people, it means you temporarily put some investment into the bank of their emotional relationship. On the contrary when you do something negative to other people, it means you withdraw some investment from the bank of your relationship with them.

No one is willing to remain as a source from where you continually withdraw investment without putting in any new investment which then will make your balance minus. If it is so, your emotional relationship with them will not run well because you have greatly disappointed them.

There are some ways that should increase your investment balance:

1. Understanding other people

By seeing what other people see and by feeling what they feel, we give them both sympathy and empathy. We will never easily just blame them of something if we only let ourselves understand their way of thinking.

2. Giving some smile and attention

Smiles and attentions are simple things that have extraordinary positive impacts.

3. Fulfilling your commitment

You must manage to fulfill what you promise. You also must respect the right of other people who are entitled to have the right even though there is an opportunity for an excuse to deny them that night. One simple example is to come at the punctual time as you have agreed upon.

4. Explaining your expectation

Communicating what you expect from other people is important so both sides know what they expect from each other.

5. Showing your integrity

Never tell negative aspects about other people, instead, speak positively about them.

6. Apologizing if you make any improper withdrawal

If you break your promise/commitment (withdraw your relationship deposit), you must apologize immediately and explain the reason.

By increasing in balance in other people’s bank of emotion, you will get no difficulty in continuing your relation with them. Whatever as friends, business partners or relatives.

As for me, to have a hundred friends is not enough but to have just one enemy is already too much.
How about you?


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