Can You Advise Struggling Sam?

I received this note today and thought I should share it with you. The author? Struggling Sam.

To be honest I don’t know whether Sam is a he or a she – but whoever he or she is – their heart was certainly poured out for all of us to see – and as I was given permission to reprint this message… here it is.

You know what really bugs me? That I have to spend so much time and energy on my own finances that I can’t respond to the needs of others in more need than myself. It sucks.

I’d love to be the one who can write the checks every time the need arises.

Lord bless me so that I can be a blessing.

Bless my business.

Bless my creations.

Don’t just let it be others.

Let it be me.

But let it flow out of my passion that you have planted in my heart.

What I have done in the past just doesn’t do it for me.

The irony of it all is that when I shut down my last business I was approached time and time again by ex-clients to utilise the services of the business that no longer exists – even had another enquiry today.

Life is so conflicting. Should I grab the cash and run and remain unhappy in a business that I no longer want to run – or should I choose to go the way of my heart?

When I asked my partner yesterday whether they were happy or not – they responded ‘I’m sober’, and then added  that they were happy to continue the way we have to date.

But the problem with that is that if we continue the way we have to date then our life will always be a struggle.

My problem, as far as I can see it, is that I have always taken the risks which have ultimately landed us in hot water. Oh we’ve had some shooting star moments, but the light has very soon been snuffed out – no ongoing momentum – or all the profits have gone into the hands of others. I have failed to ever build anything with sustainability for us.

This has to stop. But it seems so often, no matter what anyone tells me, that it is all reliant on the acceptance of others – whether the customer likes what I offer, whether those who could assist me with presenting my material to a wider audience like what I present, whether I create the correct sales presentation and so on – but the fact is that I’ve been doing this for years to sustain – or rather survive – but we’ve never truly flown.

I feel like a bird with clipped wings.

I want to fly. I want to soar. I want to taste the fruits of my success. I want to stand on the victory podium once and for all – not for a fleeting moment – but rather upon a foundation on which I can begin to build future success.

I know that we learn from failure – but may my failure not cause me to flounder, but rather be the foundation of future endeavors that can lead to valuable additions to a life that was created to contribute value to all those I come in contact with.

Am I deceived? Am I dreaming? Am I ever going to see my heart’s desire manifested?

So there you have it.

I need your help to advise Struggling Sam.  You can do this in the comments below.

Can you offer him or her – as I don’t know what gender he or she is – some valuable advice?

I don’t know if you will get a response from Sam – but I’m sure that he or she will read what you write.


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