Is It OK to Believe in God But Not in Islam‏?

This is something that all of us as Muslims deal with. We meet many people like those you have mentioned who follow a moral code that they themselves have developed. This code may have been influenced by one or more beliefs from different sources, religious, philosophical, etc.
Their conduct often gives us the impression that they are good people and live according to the values and morals that most people adhere to. Most people are good natured, well-meaning, and kind to others, regardless of their backgrounds.
We often think to ourselves, “This person would make an excellent Muslim, if only they could understand Islam better and believe in its message of the oneness of Allah and the prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him).”
The word kafir literally means, “One who covers” and in pre-Islamic Arabia “kafir” was a word used to refer to farmers who buried seeds and covered them in the soil. A kafir in Islam, therefore, is one who covers or hides the truth. One who rejects Islam as a way of life is considered a kafir.
There are many disbelievers (kuffaar) who openly oppose Muslims and Islam, and work hard to limit its spread and influence, much as the Quraish did at the time of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Many of them were well aware, as was Abu Jahl, worst enemy of Islam, that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was indeed sent by Allah, and he was speaking His words, not his own.
For selfish and worldly reasons of power and influence, they fought Islam with every bit of their strength. Unfortunately, these types of people continue to treat Muslims the same way today and will until the Day of Judgment.
Most people today, however, are simply unaware of the truth of Islam and the universality of its message. This is largely due to those who cover the truth about Islam and the truth of Muslim character, so that Islam does not spread. They do this to maintain their power and control over people, not for the good of mankind, only for their own selfish goals.
Many, however, as you have mentioned, have a strong belief in God, or that there is a Supreme Creator, but have trouble following any particular religious belief, or associating with any religious community.  They may recognize much of Islamic beliefs and practices as being sound and beneficial, but cannot bring themselves to adopt it as a way of life because it does not suit their unique, self-created “religion”. So while they generally practice good, their way of life is often stained by unhealthy practices and inaccurate beliefs about what is right and wrong (drinking, gambling, nudity, etc.), leading us to believe that they must be bound for a good place in the next life.
{But if they do not hearken to this, know well that they only follow their lusts and who is in greater error than he who follows his lusts without any guidance from Allah? Allah does not guide those given to wrong-doing.} (Al-Qasas: 28:50)
When we follow the commands of Allah, we benefit in this life and the next. When we follow mainly our desires, and some of what Allah has revealed, as these types of people do, we open many doors of misguidance and suffering that may eventually lead us to the Hellfire.
It is not really our business, nor should we spend much time or thought, to decide who will go to Paradise, and who is destined for Hellfire. This is the sole right of Allah, Glory to Him in the Highest. We do not even know for sure where we will end-up.
What we should focus on, and spend as much effort as possible, is the spreading, by word and deed, the message of Islam. Islam is for all mankind. We can only do our best to help others understand Islam better by being the best examples, as Prophet Muhammad was, peace be upon him, of what it really means to be a Muslim, and by showing the benefits and strength of being a member of a worldwide community orUmmah of believers.
I hope this has helped you with your question. May Allah guide us to what pleases Him.

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