Autism, Ramadan and Muslim Communities

MAMHTROSO.COM – Ramadan is a sacred month for Muslims around the world. Every year, observers anticipate and engage in spiritually uplifting individual and communal worship. Gathering at the local mosque becomes a family affair and involves people of all backgrounds and ages.

The month also reveals how varied fasting and worship can be during its 30 days. Muslims may or may not fast for a variety of reasons, and depending on several factors, their worship of Allah can be unique.

Autistic Muslims and their families frequently join Ramadan festivities at their local masjids and community centers. Unfortunately, issues arise stemming from a lack of awareness about Muslims on the spectrum and how they navigate through the world and their faith.

AboutIslam asked autists and their family members about life during Ramadan. Verbal autistic Muslims were not available for interview, but mothers of children on the spectrum shared their experiences.

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