Religion in Mental Health: Soul Under Pressure

MAMHTROSO.COM -- According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depressive disorders are the fourth leading cause of ill health and disability amongst adults worldwide. 

By 2020, it is expected that mental health disorders will represent the world’s largest health problem (Duckworth p.2).

Researchers view the spread of urbanization as a major contributory factor to this. Although it does increase opportunities for many, it also increases the pace of living and individualism.

The pressure to assimilate can be a daunting factor for immigrants. Even though, waves of immigration over the decades have enriched life in the UK; a culture that increasingly fails to provide a valid meaning for life.

Factually, the process isn’t only many members of the immigrant population that become vulnerable to mental ill health, but also many indigenous people as well.

Their unique contributions become devalued and sidelined. That’s while the crisis of modern-day living becomes greater than they and those around them can handle.

Religion once offered order in home life and the outer world in addition to an opportunity towards self-understanding and growth, the calls of the outer world seem to promise offers of instant rewards whereby one can easily ‘follow the piper that plays the sweetest tune’.

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