Learning Bahasa

Lorenzo Cardi. Lorenzo Cardi.

Since last week I'm starting to study Bahasa Indonesia. Exept simple things like greetings and presentations the beginning of the exploration of this language started with the food, eating nasi goreng, sate (unbelievable spicy!) mi ayam and so on has been the fisrt way to start to learn some words.

But of course I can't have normal conversation just saying goreng, ikan, telur, saya suka es teh.... so I need also some basics to be able to talk good. That's the reason why I'm starting to study.

Someone here also tried to teach me a little bit of Arab, without success (it's too much for me now!) and Javanese, that actually I really love and that I hope to learn a little bit. Until now I know just few words like "matur nuwun","sami-sami","monggo" or "keduwuren" (learn while I was playing soccer,when I kicked the ball too high and someone shouted "keduwuren!!!!") but I'll stay here 9 months.... :-)

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