Biking in Troso

Some days ago me and my family went to the market to buy a new bike. Some people were already asking me often if I like to go cycling and when we could have done that togheter. So, now i started to join Pak Didik, my neighbour, and soon Pak Amin. I've been very happy about that because now I can move more and I can go around Troso easily.

I always liked to go cycling offroad and to watch downhill video, but since one year ago when I really tried by myself downhill with a good bike of a friend of mine in Germany in a downhill park I really felt in love for it. Going a little bit around Troso I've seen that there are really wonderful tracks to do with a mountain-bike. I would like to know if there are students intrested in downhill , so maybe we could build nice tracks and jumps togheter and create something like a "downhill park". Let me know....I count on you! ;)

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