In few days students will start to have exams. I don’t know exacly how it works with exams here but probably is quite different from Europe, so I will talk about that. :)

During the year we have anyway kind of class homework or interrogations, with marks, but the real exams are just at the end of the last year (we have 5 years of high school). It’s considered a really important step, in fact they are called “maturity exam”. The preparation for the exam starts some months before because you have to study all the programs of all the subjects and bring to the exam a short thesis of a topic of your choise to talk about, that can connect all the subjects (I prepared “the symmetry”) The exam is divided in 2 part, written exam and oral exam, it takes 1 month and they are prepared from the government. There are 3 written exams, the first is Italian, the second depends by the school ( for me that I choose Scientific High School was math) and the third is about 4 subjects, but  the topics are shorter. One week after the last one, the oral exam starts. Each student have about an hour to talk alone with all the teacher of his class, first about the thesis and after answering the questions of the teacher. After that you are finally free but you have to wait for about 2 weeks for the grade.

My exams have been quite intensive, especially the math one that was unbelievable difficult, but I remember them with pleasure because anyway I really enjoyed the last moments togheter with the friends of my class, before that life splitted us in different directions.

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