Since when I'm here one of the biggest problems that I realize that you have in Indonesia are garbage.
The big development that your country had in the last 50 years has been to fast to realize and to be able to manage the problem of garbage. Probably the people of Indonesia dont think about it as a big problem because you didn't realize yet the big effects that it has on your country. If we think in big, pollution cause global warming that is a world problem, but the problems that pollution cause, start from the small things around you. To burn plastic garbage cause cancer, to throw them in the nature destroy nature (kills plants, animals,fishes), to eat animals that eat from a polluted place can cause dangerous disease, as cancer (the same with fruits or plants), and to swim in polluted water can cause serious infections.
Talking with Mas Mahaj he told me that when he was young he used to swim in the rivers here in Troso and the water was clean. He told me that if he thinks about it he is kind of sad that he cannot do that anymore, that rivers are not anymore like that.
I find that is really a pity how much nature is being destroyed around you.
I'm not angry with you (actually I'm angry with the western consumistic society that created all that), because of course you just dont have other ways to manage garbage, but you have to start to think about this problem, and not to go on with thinking that is something that doesn't matter because soon in this way all the nature around you as you know it will disappear and it will be hard to see friends around you die because of desease caused by pollution (I dont want to be too hard but that's the reality).
You students as new generations should start to think about it because the future is in your hands and you have to give your best for your country, your future children and for the people that you love. I don't have an answer for how to solve all this, but I have a starting idea, maybe you could write in the name of all the school a letter to the government in which you could ask them to start finding a solution, to do something for this problem, show that you care about it (maybe other schools will start to do it after you).
Maybe it will be not really usefull but it's always a starting point. As my experience with the problems that we have in Italy, is better to start with doing something maybe small, rather that doing nothing. ;) If someone starts maybe others will do the same because they will find the motivation that together is possible.

Some statistic about nature losses in the world - Every year they become extinct about 150/200 natural species, and we lose a territory of forest as big as Troso every 2 minutes  (3 times Java in 1 year)

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