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Photo taken in front of the school

During the trip in Central Java with my friend Paolo I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places, such as Dieng Plateau, but one of things that I enjoyed most were the people, especially in Dieng and Gedung Songo (this is the same in Troso). The best place for making new friendship were busses, every time we took a bus it took just a minute before we were starting to talk with everybody around us. Everybody were unbelievable chummy and courious to know about us, were we come from and what we are doing here in Indonesia, we had a lot of fun with them, especially when we shown them that we were able to speak some words in Boso Jowo (like “Mboten ngeretos pak” when we were not able to understand what they were saying ) (this situations have been really good to improve my Bahasa Indonesia). It has been also really funny when we were in Dieng hiking on the hills around there, and we meet in the fields or in really small town a lot of nice people that helped us with trucks to move around Dieng when was rainy. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Prambanan, people there were interested too much in our money, we didn’t get really friend or just close with nobody. A person there don’t even wanted to tell us the name of a cheap hotel, because we didn’t decide to go with him with the ojek for 20.000 rp (and after that we discovered that was just 200m far). Anyway what i realized since I’m here in Indonesia is that you think (especially in the villages) as community not individually, so you can always count on the others, who thinks individually here is someone that just think about himself and so is not really good considered. People in Europe thinks more individually, that doesn’t mean always just think about himself in the bad way, because in this way you are prepared to face every kind of situations and you can do great things in your life, but it could makes you far from the others and from real happiness.

A day without a smile is a day wasted - Charlie Chaplin.

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