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During this “singing week” I asked for personal request and in many classes some students asked about singing something like “Justin Bieber” and “One direction”, but I refused to do it. I’m sorry but I have some reasons that I explain now.

First, I want to say that this kind of music has bad influence, especially on the youngs. Thats because persons like Justin Bieber are just a product of multinationals that have interest in growing new generations without a real moral but just youngs that try to imitate image that they create. For example what is happening now in Italy, what I daily see, is that 10 years old girls try to act like, for example, the girls of the videos, so they wear short skirts, high shoes, use lipstick....but they should be still children! And anyway most of them sing songs about love but in a wrong way, not a real love but a fake one, (because they don’t write the songs but someone else) and so that’s why the fans try to imitate, trying to feel like adults for example in acting in provocative way or wearing short skirts, or having a lot of boyfriends (and they feel proud to show it to everybody). But these behave are something that doesn’t fit to that age or in the worst cases are immoral behaviors.

They are not real musicians, they are taken since they are really young and other people tell them what to do, how to act and what to sing, they become like machine. Music is considered among art so should be a creative process, but this is not art, is just something used to make money. Of course anyway most of pop music is made for making money and I also like a lot of pop songs (there is good pop and bad pop), but it’s good to consider it something light, like snacks among food, or McDonald food. Isn’t it better sate maybe made from your mother than McDonald?

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