The Amazing Thailand

Me and Paolo, the other  volunteer from Italy, arrive in Bangkok and out of the airport we realize that we are in a totally different reality from our little indonesian villages. The vision out of the airport is something really futuristic, new glass and steel made huge buildings everywhere, and on the way from the airport got even more. Cities in Europe are not like that, so totally shocked from the dimension of everything and the ammount of coloured neon lights all around  we arrive in the centrer to find a place to sleep. Unfortunately we understimate the dimension of the city, that counts 8 milions and half inhabitants, because that was just one of the severals city centre, so in the next days we changed our hostels to visit every part of the city, the historical one , the modern one and the shopping one.

During these days we visited a lot of things in the city such as chinatown, the main river area and a lot of temples, and I have to say that I saw one of the most amazing things I ever seen in my life, the statue of the Lying Buddha, a golden statue of Buddha long 50m and high 15m, the dimension of the statue, the location inside a little temple and the magnificence of it had a really strong emotive impact on me. Since that the religion in Thailand is Buddhism, Bangkok is full of Buddhist temples, and we really enjoyed to spend time there they ambient inside and the espression of the Buddha's statues make you go out of them with a new interior peace that comfort your spirit. Anyway unfortunately Bangkok is quite expensive and is also a town full of parties so is probably not the best to discover the real Thailand, even if it's a really interesting city, so now we dicided to move to the north to Chang Mai and go slowly down on the border with Myanmar in one week ( maybe with hitchhiking (soliciting a ride by standing at the edge of a road, facing traffic, with one's thumb extended/upwards) and camping somewhere so don't have to spend money :) ), passing throught national parks and kind of 'forests' to experience the wild Thailand. Let's see what will happen!

P.S. We had to make this trip because we had to renew the visa, in Indonesia the social visa expire after 6 months, after that you have to travel out of the country and come back again. (  everything payed by European Union :D  )

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