The Amazing Thailand (Part 2)

In the first part of the trip in Thailand, I and Paolo have been in Bangkok first some days to wait for a new visa, but after that we decided to take some time to spend traveling around to discover a little bit more of Thailand and Buddhism.

From Bangkok we went first to Chiang Mai and after to Pai (in the north-west, 800 km from Bangkok), not really big towns but very nice and full of tourist. From here we made some hiking around in the countryside (and biking and moving by hitchhiking) to see some national parks and some waterfalls.

In Pai, we met a lot of nice people from everywhere in the world but also a lot of really strange people. Trying to escape from so much tourism we decided to go to Mae Hong Son, a small city on the border with Myanmar. It is really a nice one with a beautiful lake in the center and a golden temple on his side and definitely less tourism.

Talking with some people of the place we heard about a Buddhist monastery around there in the middle of the mountains where monks practice Vipassana meditation and foreigners are very welcome. So we went there for two days practicing 8 hours a day of meditation, and I have to say that was really good, I think that meditation can be very powerful to reach a peaceful state of mind and to understand how the energy inside us works. This very beautiful monastery was built by a monk alone, after that he spent 7 years meditating alone in a cave in that place, where there was only jungle wild animals and so on... Incredible!

So after this stairway to heaven from an incredible chaotic city as Bangkok passing through smaller cities to arrive in a totally peaceful and positive place, we had to come back to reality because we had the flight back from Bangkok.

The trip back has been quite long and exhausting but after some hitchhiking strange buses trains and so on we finally came back to our beloved villages in Indonesia.

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