Small Stories from Thailand

- I don’t know if you know it but in Thailand people eat bugs, especially fried, such as worms, crickets, cockroach and scorpions. While we were in a bus to Mae Hong Son a woman entered in with two big sacks full of alive and noisy huge crickets and put them close to our feet like if it was totally normal, wow!  (I tried to eat some small worms and some small grasshopper and they were not so strange as I expected :) )

- For the Buddhist every tree as a spirit and they venerate them putting gift on their ground, and if the tree is very big and massive it means that is a great spirit and people will venerate it more. So it's very usual to find buddhist scarf tied to the trees. But one time we've seen a really strange scene, we were driving on the road and we saw suddently next to it a huge tree... and on his roots they were tens and tens of small bottles of orange juice and it was so funny because were really a lot of them and only orange juice (even open and with the straws), so we thought "Uhm, probably this tree like very much orange juice!"

- For the trip to come back to Bangkok we had to hitchhike from the monastry to Chiang Mai (300 km in total) and from there we had to take a bus in evening and make 10 hours of night-trip. When we went on the bus we couldn't stop laughing , we were guessing "what kind of bus we had booked?" In the inside there were just pink neon light, romantic music playing in the background and lace pink curtains, was more like a kind of romantic bus. At as big ending started to play in the background the two songs I was teaching with here, first "High - Lighthouse family" and after started "I don't wanna miss a thing- Aerosmith"..... I was kinda shocked :D

- In the lasts days we were missing a lot Indonesia and indonesian pleople, and when we were sitting in the airplane before the departure we were talking about how much we learnt from your concept of "enjoying", from the way you enjoy every little thing and how much is important; we liked also tha people but they didn't got us in the same way, also because Buddhism teach to do not enjoy to much life but to be more detached. So, we were talking about that while a little bit of "traffic jam" occured in the plane, because of the people that were searching for they seats, and in the draw back through the aisle everybody started to laughs and to jokes just because of the fact that there was some kind of traffic jam.... Then we realized that we were coming back home. :)

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