I'm in a Cafè in the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, while I write this article, but the "ngopi" doesn't taste the same as usual.

Fortunately I have a nice month of travelling in Singapore, Bali and Java Timur in front of me, and I'm looking forward also to see my family and friends, but the main mood now is the sadness because of leaving all of you and so Troso, place that I had to work hard with myself to solve daily diffuculties to get adapted, and this difficulties made the experience deep and so close to my heart. And it's here that I have to think about from I learned from your culture, in the way you look to the future in a positive way, saying "belum" instead of "no" or "kapan-kapan", for not closing my contacts with all of you.

I want to say thanks to all of you for this wonderful experience, for the good moments with you students and for all the other good times (thanks for the farewell party, I really enjoyed it!) so, see you "kapan-kapan"!!!

P.S. - In the meanwhile in the next period in will write here some of my daily experiences during my trip and my first days of my coming back home... (I also wanted to write some articles about my last period in Indonesia, about selling tenun with mas Qiqi and Pak Asad in a mall in Semarang, about the class meeting, but it has been quite a confusing period because of leaving :D)

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