Cardi Lorenzo

Cardi Lorenzo

The pleasure of simplicity

Two days ago in Troso and in the villages around, it occurred a black out of some hours. Actually I was watching a movie and the black out happened just 15 minutes before the end of the movie, so in my mind I thought something like “Noooo! Why now?!?” :D

Trip to Karimunjawa

On Monday my father, my godfather and I sailed in the direction of Karimunjawa Islands, that actually was also the place where Dejavato "born" with its firsts projects.

Since we left the harbour I remembered the explanation that I heard from Mas Fadloli about the meaning of Karimunjawa, that comes from Javanese and is "The islands which are not clear seen from java", this because after 10 minutes started to rain very hard for a while and when it stopped I saw that we left behind a huge cloud mixed with fog that totally covered the sea around Jepara. When we arrived to welcome us there was a very clear and crystalline water instead.

Here on the main island we settled down in a wonderful wooden hotel that was build over a very beautiful beach by a Belgian guy with the help of 350 local people. For the first day we decided to explore the main island, that's why we rented 2 motorcyled to go around (driven by my uncle and my father).But when we rent the motorcycles the owner seemed to be a little bit worried since the drivers had some problems even in start the motorcylce up. I had to explain that is because in Italy is not usual to drive them (the drove a motorcycle for the last time probably 30-40 years ago) but he didn't had to worry :).

Exploring the island means of course also on the food field, and there we got many satisfactions. The main food of the islands obviously is fish, and it passed a long time since I ate so much such good grilled fish.... One time we found a nice warung where we ate in company of a monkey that had been hugging a baby chicken and playing with it for an entire hour (It was so funny to see this poor chicken that wanted to escape but the monkey didn't wanted to leave him :D).

After this first explorations we decided to relax totally on the beach and I'm having great times reading and snorkeling, and here the sea is just like a paradise. Unfortunately even if the sea is wonderful you can see that it's starting to get destroyed by the pollution, there are like carpets of dead coral everywhere close to the shore.It's such a pity! But I found also some good news for the environment, I saw in the streets that all the streetlights are powered by solar panel built on their top. That's good! :)

P.S. Fortunately there is a guy that works in the resort that is giving me his camera that can be used underwater.... so I made some photos during snorkeling

Aesop's Fables

Here there are for you two very short fables from Aesop. Aesop was a writer of the ancient Greece, lived around 2600 years ago. He can be considered the creator of the fable (in the writing form), and his tales characterized ofted by humanized-animals character (such as in "The fox and the grape" or "The ant and the grasshopper") have a deep educative purpose and becoming very famous all around the world had been a strong influence everywhere.

Small Stories from Thailand

- I don’t know if you know it but in Thailand people eat bugs, especially fried, such as worms, crickets, cockroach and scorpions. While we were in a bus to Mae Hong Son a woman entered in with two big sacks full of alive and noisy huge crickets and put them close to our feet like if it was totally normal, wow!  (I tried to eat some small worms and some small grasshopper and they were not so strange as I expected :) )

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