About people in Indonesia

During the trip in Central Java with my friend Paolo I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places, such…
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Since when I'm here one of the biggest problems that I realize that you have in Indonesia are…
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I fuochi di San Giuseppe

Italy is a nation deeply influenced by the Christian religion. But still remains signs of pagan traditions, especially…
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In few days students will start to have exams. I don’t know exacly how it works with exams…
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Biking in Troso

Some days ago me and my family went to the market to buy a new bike. Some people…
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Be Positive!

Here there is a wonderful quote from an Italian writer that I love, Italo Calvino. -The hell is…
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One month later....

One month ago I was on the way to the airport ready to start this adventure. When you…
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Learning Bahasa

Since last week I'm starting to study Bahasa Indonesia. Exept simple things like greetings and presentations the beginning…
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