The Amazing Thailand

Me and Paolo, the other volunteer from Italy, arrive in Bangkok and out of the airport we realize…
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  • Baca: 1895 kali

Wallpapers from National Geographic

One of my favorite website, that I usually visit is the one of National Geographic, I started…
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  • Baca: 1875 kali


In a lot of languages there are some “special sentences” that are funny to pronounce, because the words…
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  • Baca: 1766 kali

Some "stuff" on Bahasa English

What is studied at school is normally formal english, because gives you the base, and this is right…
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  • Baca: 1745 kali

About music

During this “singing week” I asked for personal request and in many classes some students asked about singing…
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  • Baca: 1996 kali

Japanese cartoons

When I saw on internet about this project in Indonesia, for applying it, I had to answer a…
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  • Baca: 1832 kali
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