Sharing The Joy To Be A Part Of The School

My first day in the school. My first day in the school.

I am Subhechchha Koirala. I am a Nepalese girl from a small, mountainous and beautiful country called Nepal. But my name might give a hard time to the Indonesians so the Indonesians know me as Subu.

I’ve been in Indonesia for about three months now and everyday seems like an adventure. I feel immensely blessed to be a part of the Indonesian and Javanese community. Since I’ve been here I feel extremely special. Everybody treats me so well like I’m some star or someone very special.

And I feel very contented and delighted to be a part of this school. The school has become one of the reasons for my happiness and joy here during my stay in Indonesia. When I first came to the school I was pretty much surprised and impressed. I expected the school to be small alike other schools that are common in the village. But I was astonished; It was a huge school with a huge number of students. I met Pak Nur the head master of the school and I was quite impressed at the very first meeting. He spoke English so well which is quite a surprising fact for me, because since I came to Indonesia, only a very few people could speak to me in English. And I was warmly welcomed, which really warmed my heart. HE showed me to the classes, and I was extremely intimidated and happy to see, how the students are so creative and were so keen and had decorated their class so well. We went to one of the 12th grade. I had a short introductory class there. I had a very pleasant and wonderful time with the students there. They were quite nice and had lots of questions regarding me and my country. I joined the school after two weeks from my first visit. It was an splendid experience for me. The first day I spoke in front of all the students. Frankly I’m used to speaking in groups and crowds, so I never have a problem speaking in the crowd but, the first day when I had to speak among all the students I was happy, excited and a little confused, cause there were hundreds of students smiling and cheering at me. Later that day I went to many classes and had introductory class. It was a tremendous experience. The students seemed extremely happy and so was I. I felt quite special being there with the students. I cannot express my feeling in words but I was very much over whelmed. The students had numbers of questions! The students tried their best to talk to me in English, And I too tried speaking in Bahasa Indonesia and a very little Bahasa Jowo , and yet I did make mistakes. Which will make a good as well as embarrassing stories later in the days to come.

I am having quite an adventure and an awesome time with the students, teacher and the school. And I hope throughout my time here we will learn a lot from each other.

Much love Subu :)

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