Trip to Singapore

We left for Singapore on 24th of Jan. I went to Singapore with 5 of my other friends who live and work in different place in Indonesia.

We went to Semarang and took a flight to Jakarta and then took another flight to Singapore. Our journey was going well. When we reached Jakarta two of my other friends joined us who had recently arrived from Papua. And my other friend also joined us; she had taken a short vacation in Jakarta. She had to sit alone in the plane because she didn’t check in with us. So we planned to accompany her, as the seats in the plane were not so full, me with my other three friends we went and sat on the back seats. We were talking and laughing and very happy to see each other after 5 months.

We were talking about the sad incident of Air Asia that happened on the way to Singapore from Indonesia. And while we were talking about that all of a sudden there was a sudden movement. We didn’t really care about that cause it is normal to have turbulence every now and then during flights. Then we started recalling about air Asia even more after that. And after some minutes there was a very big turbulence, this time it was really big. My friend who was sitting next to me was holding a glass of water all of a sudden that glass just flew and there was water everywhere. As soon as the turbulence had occurred the entire air hostesses in the back suddenly ran towards the empty seats and tighten their belts and they looked so panicked, that in fact scared us extremely. They started praying. And this kept on happening for quite a long time so everyone started praying and there were announcements. This was a dreadfully bloodcurdling experience. We actually thought we were dying. I as well prayed and recalled my families and friends. But thankfully the turbulence, later after sometime it was over. Though there were people still terrified. This made me realize how amazing this life is and how much we long to live when we are endangered. And this also made me think how I have so much more to achieve and how much I love people around me and how I should let them know how special they are to me.

After that we reached Singapore. It was a very nice country, so clean and unlike Indonesia everybody could speak English. I loved riding the subway and changing trains and also riding taxi and seeing the city lights which I kind of missed in a while. We reached our hotel in Serangon road. It was nice and comfy because we had booked a big room all of us we shared the same room and had to sleep in bunk beds.

There were people from all over the world. I felt quite normal because here in Indonesia everyone looks at me and they are concerned about everything I d o but there every one were busy in their own business which was a break for me. I got to eat Chinese and Indian and Mexican after so long which was great!! The city was pretty clean and everything was nice and so much city like. I enjoyed the malls and stores there. I t was a nice break when nobody noticed what I was doing and were doing they own business. We went to marina bay hotel one of the best hotels in the world and saw the whole city. We went to many malls and went to china town and little India where I could talk to people in Hindi and had delicious food. The next day we walked a lot we went to different places there. It was a great experience in Singapore. And I would love to visit there again. After our very short time there in Indonesia we took a plane to Jakarta for our next destination to Lombok.

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