Trip to Lombok

After our short stay in Singapore, we left for Lombok. We had retreat in Lombok.

All the people from the office and their family were to participate in the retreat! As soon as we landed in Lombok, it started getting very hot. Indeed it was really hot there in Lombok. After we got off in the airport, we took two cars and left for our hotel. Our hotel was right next to the beach! It was very beautiful there, though it was very hot. We could see the beach and the ocean right next to the swimming pool. It was a very beautiful place. The retreat there was a nice time for all of us. We got to talk to all of our friends and the people of the office. It had been long since we got a quality time to talk to a friend. It felt kind of weird because after a very long time we were constantly speaking only in English and we were actually not stammering or making any mistakes unlike the times we make errors while speaking Indonesian! And in my case, even Javanese.

We had lots of programs during our retreat. And reflection regarding our recent and daily routine, and also our individual selves. I had a very relaxed time there in Lombok. We didn’t get to go out and see most of the city there because we were always busy doing something, but whenever we did there were so many sales men and shop keepers constantly following us and asking us to buy their product. They’d rise up the price so high and later when bargained they’d give it in a very low price that was very surprising and also exciting.

On the third day we went to Gili Air, An island close to Lombok. We took a bus ride for about an hour and after that we took a glass bottomed boat, where we could see the fishes from the boat. Gili air was a very small island. But an extremely beautiful island. One could go around the whole island in just about an hour and a half. The beach was so beautiful and the water was so clear. I wasn’t sure about snorkeling but everyone else was doing it so I decided to give a try. I was scared because I once used to very scared going inside water. But I did it anyways. WE went to the ocean and it was so beautiful. There were so many types of fishes. They were so beautiful, they swam with us. I didn’t realize but I had been snorkeling for about four hours. So later I had serious sun burn. But it was worth it. It was an amazing experience that I will cherish! Later we went back to the hotel and the rest of our stay was wonderful. We did lots of jewelry shopping as Lombok was famous for pearls. It was a very relaxed, quality, spiritually nourishing time for me there in Lombok.

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