Trip to Bali

After staying for five wonderful days in Lombok we left for Bali, the Island that is what Indonesia is most famous for.

Every Indonesian I met would often ask me if I have been to Bali. And they’d always tell me” Kalau belum perna ke Bali, belum perna ke Indonesia.” i.e. If you’ve not been to Bali, You’ve not yet been to Indonesia. So, I determined I have to go to Bali. And Yes Bali was an extremely beautiful place. AS most of my stay in Indonesia has only been in Java, I didn’t quite know the non-Javanese culture. So Java and Bali seemed to be a totally different place, though there were many Javanese residing in Bali. Bali was quite different, there were bules everywhere and besides the touristy places; in other places people wouldn’t care what you were doing or where you were from. And in touristy places like the local tourist market and the beaches, there were so many salesmen and woman pleading us to buy their products and it was amazing to see how people there could speak English so well.

We went to kuta beach and it was beautiful. There were so many foreigners there and there were so many surfers there. My friends wanted to surf and I was totally disagreeing, concerning surfing. But they did it anyways and forced me to try as well. So at last I had to and it was tremendous. It was really cool to surf with the flow of the waves. It was wonderful. As Bali was our personal vacation time it was fun, we could eat and go to places on ourselves and that was totally different form our daily life in java. I really enjoyed the food there and also really enjoyed shopping there. The beaches were really striking in Bali.

Being in Bali felt so different at times it didn’t feel like we were in Indonesia because there were so much bules there. We went to this beautiful temple Tanah Lot, the temple which is under the ocean. It was so beautiful.. The beauty of that place was breath taking. And the next day we went to Ubud to the monkey temple, where the monkeys kind of liked me and one even got on my shoulders and wouldn’t let go. And later we went to Goa gaja the elephant cave. It was a beautifully peaceful place. It was amazing to see how the Hindu culture differs from a country to another. I come from a Country with the majority of Hindus and Buddhist, And to see how the Hindus in Bali worship differently from the Hindus in Nepal and India.

It was an amazing experience to see the beauty of Bali and the Modern Balinese culture which still had the cultural ethnic taste of traditional Balinese culture.

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