Various Activities in The School

Since my first day in the school I have been astounded with the lots of activities the school offers and provide for the students. I would’ve never thought that a school in a village would have so much to offer.

The first things that stroke me was the decorations in the classes. Of course even I had lots of activities in my school and we also decorated our classes but here the school would give them opportunity to sharpen their level of creativity and also group works. I was really surprised when there were decorations of all types. Not just something ideal or what the school decides and the teacher pick for the students. But here the students have the full right to decide what they wanted to decorate they have the emancipation to decorate their classes; I was astonished to see decoration such as cartoon characters and smileys and cars and even bob Marley.

And their decoration are amazingly perfect. Other activities that really fascinates me is that the school organizes different programs every now and then to enhance and polish the quality in students , which involves musical programs, bands, scouts, games, cooking class, fashion designing class and many more.

Further more, there is more the school recommend, that really impressed me was that the students are responsible for cleaning their respective classes. This develops the feeling of mutual cooperation as well as discipline in the students. The prayers and recital of Quran before starting the day and during the breaks is truly appreciable. This helps the students to grow in their faith and good and positive values and morals.
The different opportunities the school crates for the students are awesome.
I wish the school and all the students much success in the upcoming days.

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